Important Recommendation for Power Supply Replacement

Editware Customer Service has seen an increasing number of power supply failures in VPE-131, 141L, and 241L systems, usually as these systems get older (3-4 years). The failure of the PE1248-00 (GVG part number) has sometimes caused damage to the backplane and/or to the SBC (main board in the editor). This same type of power supply is used in most VPE-331, 341 and 351 systems. The risk of serious damage is high enough that we recommend that all power supplies of this type be replaced immediately.

A power supply upgrade kit (#KT1013), compatible with all the affected systems, is available from Editware for $490, which includes: heavy-duty power supply, new cable harnesses and mounting hardware. Systems that are still under Editware or Tektronix warranty are eligible for a power supply upgrade at no charge.

If you are not sure whether your system has the PE1248-00 power supply, you can tell by removing the front cover of the VPE frame and inspecting the interior from the front (right side). The PE1248-00 is mounted low in the frame and fits entirely to the right side of the board guide that supports the right side of the SBC III or SBC IV. The larger, heavy-duty power supply is placed on a high mounting bracket and extends to the left about ½” over the right side of the SBC III or SBC IV (See illustration).

Field Mod Note #FM2542-00 (A2) regarding this upgrade is available in the Tech Notes / Field Mod Notes (and below) that explains "how to do the upgrade."

FM2542-00A2 (160KB, 5 pages)
VPE Series Editors–Models 131, 141L, 241L, 331, 341, and 351
Assemblies: Editor Frame Power Supply, Assembly Number PE1248-00
Purpose: Replaces power supply PE1248-00 with PE1264-00 to improve reliability, provide regulated dc outputs, output current protection and higher wattage for improved disk drive functionality.