DPE-500 Series Editors

DPE-500 Series Installation Guide
(21 pages, 7/15/99)
This document serves as the Quick Installation Manual for all DPE-500 series editors. It describes the editor to you, explains the basics of the Super Edit NT window, and helps you set up your system for basic editing. The complete Operations manual is On-line on the DPE itself under HELP.

Re-setting the DPE-500 Series Processors ( 38KB, 1 page)
Use this procedure if the EP should fail to boot (10/02/2000)

CD Recovery, V2.0 ( 57KB, 4 pages)
This document provides a step-by-step recovery of the NT operating system along with your original Super Edit software in the event of hard drive failure.

Replacement of a defective drive with a similar or larger one may be required prior to using this procedure. Once this procedure is completed, your DPE will appear as it was originally shipped, but requiring re-installation of the Super Edit software and any Configuration, Macro, EDL, or other files you may have backed-up to floppy. (09/24/2001)