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24-Hour Telephone Support Line
email: service@editware.com

Power Supply Failures
Customer Service has seen an increasing number of power supply failures in VPE-131, 141L, and 241L systems. The failure has sometimes caused damage to the backplane and/or to the SBC. This same type of power supply is used in most VPE-331, 341 and 351 systems. The risk of serious damage is high enough that we recommend that all power supplies of this type be replaced.


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Editware has telephone support for operational questions or service requirements around the clock, seven days a week. If you should need to contact us outside of normal business hours (Monday-Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm PST) or on a holiday, you will hear our voice mail prompt you to leave a message. PLEASE leave your name and a return telephone number so our "on call" customer service engineer will be able to call you right back after they are paged.

We also check email regularly for your important communications. Please feel free to send your comments or suggestions to service@editware.com.

Go to our Questions/Comments/Suggestions Quick Form. Click the buttons on your areas of concern, input your service issue in the comment box, and submit the form. It's easy and is emailed directly to Editware.

On-Board Diagnostics: The on-board diagnostics can be run via setting the BOOT thumbwheel to 6 (0=floppy, 2=ram, 4=hard drive, 6=eprom). This runs the start-up diagnostics and allows specific testing of the various parts of the editing system.